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Considering an Equus Coaching Session?

13 March 2014

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Why horses?

Equus coaching is an experiential learning experience.
When you learn to lead, set boundaries, and voice your truth with a 1200-pound coaching buddy, you will never forget how to do it with a bunch of humans.

In short,they give direct and honest feedback via their reactions to how you show up and communicate with them. Being they can’t talk,the language spoken is non-verbal,energetic and affected by how comfortable you are just being yourself.

Through the eyes of a horse, you are given the gift of seeing your blind spots, your bright spots and how your patterns show up and how they play out in other parts of your life.

Do you lead with force and a desire to control?  Or with grace?
Do you set clear, effective boundaries?
Or do people walk all over you?
Do you stifle your opinions and compromise your values?
Or do you use your voice?
Do you know where you want to go?
Or do you simply follow the crowd?
Do you trust your vision?
Or believe you can’t create your dreams?

Those kinds of questions come to the surface while playing and interacting with a horse.

No horse experience is needed and there is no riding involved.  I just ask that you show up with an open mind, closed-toed shoes and a readiness to play.

What to expect in a session:

We will start with a prework questionnaire then set up a time for a 45 minute phone session, or office session at my home office in Littleton, CO. During your session, You and I will discuss your intentions and goals. Once this is complete, we will schedule an Equus session where you will meet your 4 legged coach and I will be there facilitating and tailoring your session with the horse.

How long is a session with a horse?

A 2 hour session with the horse plus phone and/or office coaching is ideal especially for new comers.


What is the cost?

Intention Setting:  One 45-minute call or office visit prior to your equus session.
Play:  Two hours with me and the horses.
Integration:  One 60-minute coaching session to be used within two weeks of the equus session.

Equus Only Option

This is for existing clients who have already done prework and intention setting and one on one coaching with me individually and the horse. However, you still want regular Equus coaching with the horse and me on monthly basis or when a special need arises.
Two hours:  $215.00
Three hours:  $315.00

The above pricing is assuming you travel to me.

My home office is in Littleton, CO and I facilitate at the National Western Complex and Stockyards at 4700 N. Marion in Denver, CO and Coventry Farm in Littleton, CO. Price is based on you traveling to me and the horses. If you have access to horses and a facility and would rather me travel to you, that is possible. Pricing will vary based on travel expenses and the type of experience you want to have.


How do I schedule?

Please contact me

directly through this website, email or

by call me at 303-995-1344.

Constance Walker Coaching