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13 March 2014

Constance Walker

Equus Coach


Koelle Institute for Equus Coaching


My passion for horses: I became drawn to nature as far back as I remember. The river, the landscape, chickens, goats, dogs and cats were an integral part of my development. But  there was the horse… The majestic gentle giant that fed my soul as a kid and still continues to do so through adulthood. Going to the pasture and “just being” around the horses gave me an instant calm and security. No judgement, no fear. The horses allowed me to play, they fed my soul on so many levels, teaching me to be my authentic self. I feel only unconditional  love that we all yearn for while I’m in the presence of a herd. They continue to remind me of this, no matter what society (and myself)! may be messaging me.
In the years of growing into adulthood, there have been lots of bumps in the road, but always somewhere to go to remind me to just be me.. the horses! Do you believe you are “stuck” in a pattern that no longer serves you? Come see for yourself how horses will help you build a bridge of awareness to your own patterns of behavior. The Equus Coaching experience is a powerful hands-on learning environment which will allow you to viscerally witness your own “energy state” in real time.  The focus: Four core values. Authentic Leadership, Belonging, Personal Transformation and the return of your original language, The language of Energy. As your coach, I will ensure you have the opportunity for maximum growth and transformation. Come….Gallop to your heart!..

Constance Walker Coaching